It starts with the website

The website is the first thing anyone sees, so you could say it needs to be the best looking part about your club. A ClubBuzz 2 website will be the best place to start.

Designed to look good

ClubBuzz 2 comes with everything a club needs, built in fixtures and results support, team pages, everything you're used to currently in ClubBuzz 1. But we know that no two clubs are the same, that's why, unlike other services, we're never prescriptive about what your club's website can or can't do.

We start with WordPress

When it comes to website builders, there's no better builder on the planet than WordPress. But we don't just stop with WordPress – we've customised it specifically for ClubBuzz to make it the easiest, and most powerful club website builder out there.

REST API: It's as extendable as you want

We think we've got everything covered, but every club is different, and has different uses for their website. If you want, use our API to create pages, fixtures, results from outside of ClubBuzz.


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