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Club website and content management system

Whether you are looking for a simple content-managed website for your club, or a fully blown integrated club management solution, we have a range of plans to fit your needs.

Get a professional website, great looking and easy to manage with the ability to personalise it for your club. The best bit is, you are in total control of all content with no distracting advertising. The website is personalised with your choice of colour, poster photographs, headers and text.
The ClubBuzz content management system caters for multiple users who can all update their specific aspects of the website meaning everyone gets to share the load whilst the webmaster can maintain overall control.
Because our club websites have been professionally built, they achieve higher search engine rankings. This coupled with an on-line sign-up facility can result (as many of our clubs have reported) in a significant uplift in member applications.
Add in as many pages as you like to tell people about your club. From showcasing your club management, selling your facilities to keeping parents up to date, the options for additional pages are limitless.
Integrate social media into your club website, whether twitter feeds, videos for coaching or Facebook “ like” button, helping to keep your site current and meeting the technological demands of all generations.
Let your members have their say, on all matters from match day banter to club management decisions. The optional member forum is incorporated in the password protected members area and creates a sense of ownership for club members.

All signups receive a FREE 30 day trial of the Gold plan. No credit card needed!

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