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Subscriptions, payments and accounting

Running a club is tantamount to running a small business - with bills to pay and fees to collect. All that time running round in financial circles should be spent more productively. The ClubBuzz treasurer's package is designed to help clubs of all sizes balance the books.

The accounting platform is simple to set up with easy to follow steps. Just complete each step and once all is completed you're ready to start.
You set up fees for meetings, matches, tournaments and training and for every different type of membership. You can allow monthly payments and give discounts for family memberships.
The treasurer has access to a dashboard with an at a glance view of the accounts as well as a more formal set of reports that can be exported to a spread sheet or external accounts package.
For sports clubs, once the match report is completed fees are automatically allocated to each player’s account, the same goes for training too. No more juggling with cash and bits of paper on the pitch!
Each member has an on-line account; meetings, subs, training and match fees get added to the account alongside any other payment due from the members. Oh, and parents can arrange to be invoiced for their kids fees whether or not they are members of the club.
Members receive an on-line statement each month. That can be paid on line by direct debit, PayPal, or the usual range of credit cards. Of course members who prefer it can still pay by cash or cheque.

All signups receive a FREE 30 day trial of the Gold plan. No credit card needed!

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